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A Siblings Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

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Two middle age siblings hugging together outdoors with their senior parents

Caring for aging parents can be a very fulfilling time, especially if you have siblings to help with the process. It is essential to find your parents the right community and lifestyle for this next chapter of their life. 

Let’s look at how you and your siblings can care for your aging parents and approach the retirement adjustment with them.

Finding the Right Community

When the time arrives for your parents to retire and explore a change of scenery—you and your siblings can help them with the process and find the right community for their desired lifestyle. This process starts with discussing the lifestyle that can most benefit them and their unique needs.

Your parents may be looking for a gradual change, and if so, an independent living lifestyle is an excellent option. 

Independent living is a housing arrangement designed for older adults. This lifestyle prioritizes freedom and support so your parents can be free from mundane chores and focus on their own interests and hobbies.

An independent living lifestyle can allow your parents to enjoy daily activities and amenities such as: 

  • Covered and uncovered outdoor gathering spaces
  • A full activity calendar that includes exercise, trips, and more
  • A library/puzzle room
  • A free golf membership

Your parent’s new community will provide a personalized space that they can retreat to after a day of socializing and trying new hobbies. 

The transition to independent living can take a bit of an adjustment. Allowing your parents time to get used to their new surroundings is essential. Proper guidance and assistance from dedicated staff can help with a smooth transition.

A Team Effort

Caring for aging parents is an ever-changing process based on their needs. Working together with your siblings can help ensure your parents have everything they need to transition smoothly into that next stage of life. 

Let’s look at some daily aspects of living you and your siblings can assist with to make things easier for your parents. 


As your parent’s age, transportation can start being an issue. If you and your siblings can, driving your parents to appointments or accompanying them on transportation services can help them significantly. 

Additionally, when living in a dedicated community, your parents will have access to complimentary transportation to medical and other appointments. 

Personal Care

Your parents may need assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and meal preparation. You and your siblings can help determine what their specific needs are and communicate them to their new community

Your parents can expect on-site home care services such as: 

  • Bathing assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Housekeeping
  • On-site therapy team
A group of seniors gathered around a sofa

Household Maintenance & Chores

Maintaining a household takes a lot of work, and as your parents age, they may not be up for it. You and your siblings can sit down with them to determine where they need the most assistance and if an independent living lifestyle can give them peace of mind.

Independent living allows your parents to leave behind the usual maintenance and chores that come along with maintaining a household. Their new home provides a personalized space for them to spend more time socializing and enjoying services and amenities

Maintaining Hobbies & Socializing

As your parents age, maintaining hobbies and social relationships can become more complex. Transitioning into retirement can allow your parents to go back and explore old hobbies and build new relationships. 

Encouraging your parents to maintain hobbies and social relationships is essential. It can fill this new stage of their life with meaningful moments and interactions.

Your parents will have access to various services in their new community: 

  • On-site fitness room
  • A library/puzzle room
  • A theater room 
  • Billiards and game room to enjoy with other people
  • Outdoor gathering spaces to encourage socializing

Comprehensive Care for Aging Parents

You and your siblings can help provide excellent care for your aging parents. Helping with relocation and the adjustment period can make things easier for them when they are looking to transition into a new life stage.Get in contact with a professional team to help you explore your parent’s new community.

Written by Lucy Townsend

Lucy is the executive director at The Villages at the River Club. Since she was a young girl, she has had a great interest in helping others, especially her elderly neighbors. Graduating from Austin Peay with a healthcare management degree, she worked in a skilled nursing home, receiving her nursing home administrator license in 2002.

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