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Why Should Seniors Perform Balance Exercises?

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As we age, it can be difficult to maintain our physical health. It can become more difficult to go to the gym and safely exercise, or our joints may not be able to support us like they once did. It’s essential, though, to try and exercise where possible since it provides all kinds of benefits to our life. One of the best ways to maintain physical health and safety is through balance exercises.

Balance exercises can help seniors maintain their health by building the muscles and supporting the joints needed to stay upright. This can reduce the risk of falls and strengthen the muscles needed for everyday mobility, which can even lead to a higher quality of life. It can even boost cognitive function!

Whether you’re a senior living at home or in independent living, the importance of balance exercises can’t be overstated.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

One of the most significant advantages of performing regular balance exercises is that it can help reduce the risk of falling in your everyday life. When you’re younger, you can take a fall here or there and bounce right back. But as a senior, a fall can have life-altering consequences.

Balance exercises can help you strengthen the muscles used to stay upright and coordinated. This can help reduce the likelihood of falling and hurting yourself, which can bring you peace of mind.

Help Joints & Muscles

As we age, it’s perfectly natural to experience muscle loss and joint stiffness. But this can be slowed or stopped by maintaining physical health. Balance exercises help strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints and help your joints stay flexible, which can lead to stronger support and improved comfort. This can help you remain mobile and avoid the loss of muscle mass often associated with aging.

Maintain Independence

Maintaining independence can do amazing things for a senior’s mental health, and one of the best ways to retain autonomy is by taking care of yourself—like practicing balance exercises.

Balance exercises can help you improve your physical strength, your ability to stay upright, and your flexibility. This makes it safer to traverse through new environments, allowing you the opportunity to explore the area or navigate your environment without relying on others.

Staying physically healthy enough to remain independent can boost your self-confidence and your overall quality of life, allowing you to continue enjoying your life as you see fit without putting yourself at risk.

Boost Cognitive Function

Physical exercise can actually have a direct impact on a person’s cognitive abilities. Balance exercises require focus, concentration, and the coordination of several muscles all at once—all things that naturally degrade with time. 

By stimulating the brain like this, seniors can improve their memory, their ability to focus, and their attention to detail. This can be a wonderful way to maintain physical and cognitive health at the same time.

Prioritize Safety when Exercising

Just because balance exercises can be an incredible way to maintain your health doesn’t mean it’s time to start standing on one leg. When performing any exercise, the most important thing is always safety. 

If you’re planning to change up your exercise routine or start a new regime, it can be beneficial to reach out to your healthcare professional for advice on how to begin. If you live in assisted or independent living, you should reach out to the team around you to see if they can provide guidance on safe ways to get the results you want. 

Don’t forget the importance of warming up and practicing safe exercise—avoid pushing yourself if you feel any pain.

A group of seniors exercising together in a senior living community.

The Importance of Physical Exercise

When considering senior living options for yourself or a loved one, it’s essential to prioritize communities that encourage their residents to maintain their physical health. Physical health and regular exercise play a massive role in a senior’s overall health and quality of life, giving them the opportunity to remain mobile, independent, and happy. 

At The Villages at the River Club, we know the importance of physical health, and we offer a wide range of programs and amenities to promote it for each and every resident here. If you or a loved one are in need of a community that encourages healthy living, book a tour with us today!

Written by Lisa Klasen

“It gives me pleasure to help our residents live a life of independence, love, and joy here in our community.”

Lisa has lived in Clarksville for over 10 years and is originally from the Nashville area. She went to college at Central Michigan University, where she graduated with a liberal arts degree (psychology major).

Lisa has an eclectic work background and started her career in the human resources/training/development arena for several service-oriented companies such as Hyatt Hotels and The Forum Group (Senior Living Communities). Later in her career, she switched to real estate sales for local custom home builders for about 15 years in Indiana and Tennessee. Recently, Lisa has worked as a sales and marketing director for a local independent living community, a skilled nursing facility, and an assisted living/memory care facility.

She lives with her 4 “boys”: 2 dogs and 2 cats. She still holds her real estate license and also does professional photography during her time away from The Villages. She hopes to use her photography skills to market our beautiful building and wonderful family of residents and staff here. She looks forward to getting to know everyone!

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